Most frequently asked questions

What are wall decals?

Removable wall decals are a non-permanent way to add a decorative design to a wall.

What material is used for wall decals?

You'll often find removable wall decals made of PVC-vinyl or adhesive material made of 100% polyester fabric. Decals often have separated components in their designs that require transfer tape to apply to a wall and others are simply peel and stick. Our wall decals are made from a polyester fabric that is non toxic, PVC free and environmentally friendly. 

What type of ink do we use?

Our wall decals are made with Eco solvent ink that is Green guard certified, low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissions into indoor air and environmentally friendly.

Are decals safe for walls?

One fear that may deter you from using wall decals is whether the product will damage the wall when you remove it. If it is a quality removable product and when you apply and remove it correctly, it shouldn't damage the wall or paint underneath it. Our wall decals will not leave a residue and come right off without any damage. 

How Long Do Removable wall Decals Last?

With proper care and average conditions, a removable wall decal can last for several years. If you prepare the wall by cleaning it properly and apply the decal correctly, you'll have a better chance of it lasting longer.

How Many Times Can You Move a Wall Decal?

Every time you move a vinyl removable wall decal, it will lose some of its tack. Try to move a vinyl wall decal as little as possible. When you do so, be sure your hands are clean, and avoid touching the adhesive or edges too much. Debris from your hands and the room can get on the adhesive and make it lose its tackiness.

Polyester fabric wall decals can be moved many times and repositioned as often as needed! 

How do I remove my wall decals?

We take pride in the fact that our wall decals are removable! Removal is just as easy as application. To remove, start at a corner and slowly peel the decal from the wall or surface, moving toward the centre of the wall decal until it is free from the wall. When pulling vinyl too hard and too fast it may cause your wall decal to stretch.

Polyester fabric adhesive will not curl, rip or wrinkle when removing. Simply peel and remove.  

How to hang wall decals straight?

We recommend using a level or a ruler to help you apply your wall decals straight. 

Can I put wall decals in bathroom?

Vinyl and polyester fabric wall decals are water resistant and can be used in bathrooms.