Are fabric wall decals a safe choice?

Fabric wall decals are absolutely a safer choice for your living space! Let's explore why they are a great choice when it comes to safety. 

Alphabet woodland sage wall decals

  • Non-toxic materials: Fabric wall decals are typically made from non-toxic materials, ensuring that they are safe for use in your home. They are free from harmful chemicals like PVC, phthalates, and lead, making them a healthier option for you and your loved ones.

Watercolour construction trucks wall decals

  • No off-gassing: Unlike some vinyl wall decals, fabric decals do not release any harmful gases or odors into the air. This means you can apply them to your walls without worrying about any potential respiratory or allergic reactions.

  • Child and pet-friendly: Fabric wall decals are a great choice for nurseries, kids' rooms, and homes with pets. Since they are made from a soft fabric and non toxic material, they are less likely to cause any injuries or accidents  if accidentally ingested, pulled or tugged on.

  • Easy to clean: Fabric decals are generally easy to clean and maintain. You can gently wipe them with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dust or dirt, keeping your walls looking fresh and clean.

a living room with a soft organic decor, including cactus and plants removable wall decals

By choosing fabric wall decals, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are creating a safer environment for yourself and your loved ones. They are a wonderful way to add style and personality to your space without compromising on safety.  Let's create a beautiful and worry-free living space together!