6 reasons why you should use wall decals to decorate!

How often do we look at a room in our home and say "I could use a change in here", however already so much money, time and effort has gone into the design and space that we decide to leave it alone. This is exactly why wall decals are the best option when having the urge to change our style so often. Wall decals are one of the easiest solutions to brightening up a space on a small budget, they are easily changeable and can give the illusion of wallpaper in actual minutes.

Here are the top reasons why wall decals reign supreme when decorating:

1. Affordable!

If you're looking for that wallpaper effect in your home that won't break the bank then wall decals are the way to go. Wallpaper, murals and wall art designed by an artist can become extremely costly. Wall decals can provide the exact same effect at a much lower cost. Children change their interests so quickly, wall decals allow you to give your children the room they want without hurting your wallet.

 2. They are beautiful, trendy and perfect for any space! 

Wall decals can bring life, vibrancy and a new look to any space. They can be customized to your likings. Whether you are looking for flowers, leaves, abstract, rainbows or ANYTHING at all, wall decals can easily and quickly bring a space from plain to gorgeous in just minutes! Wall decals are a work of art, they are each hand painted or digitally created by an artist and then printed by high-quality digital machines with perfect colour tones, scale, and symmetry on a fabric adhesive or vinyl. 

3. So many options to choose from!

Wall decals are available in all shades, colours, forms, patterns, sizes and are completely customizable . They can be patterns, photos, impactful prints, murals, headboards, arches, etc. Wall decals can transform any room and make it beautiful!

4. Simple Application

Forget about having to hire someone to re-paint, install wallpaper or create a mural that will cost you a lot of money. The process of installing wall decals in your home is incredibly simple that even your kids can help out in the process. Within a few minutes you can take a blank wall to masterpiece. There are two types of wall decals; peel and stick or the ones that just involves peeling off the backside paper off, placing the paper on your wall, and smoothening it softly, to ensure it sticks evenly. The entire process only takes a few minutes and once you are done take a step back and take in the beauty of your new space.

5. Do not damage your walls and are not permanent 

Our wall decal will not damage your walls, they are quickly and easily removable and some are even reusable. Wall decals allow you to change your decor at any moment, and they leave no evidence behind indicating that they were there, unlike wallpapers and wall hangings that leave behind traces like screws, nails and residue.

6. Wall decals give the illusion of wallpaper

Wall decals can create the look of wallpaper without all the effort it takes to install it. By simply placing numerous wall decals all over your wall, you can quickly and easily create a high end look on a very low budget.


Now its time to beautify your walls and brighten up that space in your home!